Anderson Family History

Neighbors at Center, South Dakota

Within less than a quarter mile of the store were four neighbors who did more than their share in helping raise me. All were within easy walking distance and I probably made a pest of myself with my frequent visits.

Directly across the road east was Elmer and Elsie Larson. Elmer did trucking and at home he had a wonderful shop where he made all sorts of things out of wood. One item I recall him making for me was a wooden wheelbarrow, just my size, and which he had painted a bright green. I wish I still had it, but I probably wore it out pushing it around the yard. Elsie had a beautiful garden with lots of flowers, which she tended almost daily. I would wander over and see what she was doing. Most times she would invite me in for a cookie or a piece of cake, which she always had on hand.

Immediately east of Larson’s was O. G. Gustafson’s. He was the local building contractor and Mrs. Gustafson tended to her chickens and kept house. She would call the store and order a few groceries and ask if I could deliver them up the hill with my Radio Flyer wagon. I was always more than glad to do so, because she usually had a big slice of chocolate cake for me as a tip. Sometimes, when she didn’t have cake on hand I would get a nickel or a few pennies for my services.

West of the store lived Ernest and Linnea Carlson. They too usually had a treat for me when I came visiting. No wonder I was kind of chubby with all the neighbors treats.

North of Center was where Henry and Louise Pearson lived. Their son, Eldon, was a year or two younger than I, but we did play together quite a bit. I probably instigated some of our playing ventures that brought on reprimands from our parents. Mischief was easy to get into and hard to get out of.

By Merland D. Howe, 2000.



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