Anderson Family History

Livestock at Center, South Dakota

East of Center and across from the church was a pasture of several acres. The folks kept a milk cow to keep us in milk and cream. A daily chore was to lead the cow from the pasture and down the two blocks of road to our barn.

Dad or one of my brothers had the milking chores and in the morning the cow had to be put back in the pasture for the day. I was too small to get the cow by myself but usually tagged along for something to do. I don’t remember our having a milk cow the last few years at Center but we did for a while.

Besides the cow, we had some chickens. I don’t think we had very many, but they did give us some eggs and some chickens to eat. I helped gather eggs when I was old enough to get them from the nest without the hens pecking me to tears. Some of them were very protective of their eggs and took exception to losing them.

By Merland D. Howe, 2000.



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