Anderson Family History

Swedes in CUBA??

Who would have thought immigrants from Sweden to USA would subsequently re-immigrate to CUBA? Great-Uncle John’s family and others took that plunge as Fidel Castro later documented to the Swedish Ambassador.

John Anderson family

John Anderson family, 1887

Swedes raising cane and cattle in Cuba? John and his 12 children did just that!

Well, consider this: Advertisements in papers circulating in Dakota Territory near the turn of the Twentieth Century urged pioneers to cash in their homestead land and buy cheap new land in Cuba, where 365-day annual growing seasons prevail, temperate climates mean livestock need no shelter and people need not suffer the extremes of the Plains.  Moreover, all indications are that an expanding United States might copy colonist-tendencies of the European powers and make Cuba a state, followed by Puerto Rico, Guam and other Caribbean or Pacific islands. It may have gone the way of Wm. Randolf Hearst and Teddy Roosevelt had not in succeeding years Wilson won election on the GOP-Bull Moose Party split and America’s attention  diverted to Europe by WWI with the beginning of the end of colonialism and its replacement with the isolationism that became our prevalent outlook between the two great World Wars.


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