Anderson Family History

1930s Electric Air Compressor for Tires

With electricity available at the store, it was a logical step to put in an electric-powered air compressor to help take care of the customers needs. It was much easier keeping your tires properly pressurized with a trip to Center than struggling with the manual pump. Word spread around the community of the air compressor being available and several neighbors came in to try this new convenience on their car tires.

There was an old German gentlemen who lived north of the store. His name was August Shultz and he spoke with a very heavy accent. He drove his Model T Ford to the store one afternoon and came rushing into the store.

“Ach, Ben,” he said in his broad accent, “Ben! I shust heard about it. I vant chu to come blowst upen mein rrubbers.” This interpreted to mean he wanted Dad to put air in his tires. August thought the compressor was wonderful and came back regularly to have his “rubbers blowst upen”.

By Allan Anderson, 2005.



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